Joelton Middle School

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SouthLand Constructors completed the Joelton Middle School project in 2014.
This Joelton building has been part of the community for over 60 years as both
a high school and a middle school. The construction consisted of a 70,000 square
foot renovation and a 12,000 square foot addition. The project included new
plumbing, wiring, HVAC, windows, an expanded classroom wing, a new kitchen,
locker rooms, administration area, and new floors and ceilings. The ceiling in the
school?s new entry was constructed from the reclaimed wood flooring of the old
high school gymnasium. The limestone at the front entrance was re-purposed from
the historical portions of the school that was demolished.


Metro Nashville Public Schools


E+H Architects, P.C.


Joelton, Tennessee