Core Values

At W.E. O’Neil SouthLand our Core Values are our constitution. They are the principles shared by everyone in our company.

These values drive our culture and priorities while providing a framework in which all decisions are made.

Our Company is built on them.




Our People


Shareholder Value

Customer Satisfaction











The Mission defines the specific purpose of our organization,

succinctly describing what we do today,

and who we do it for.?


At W.E. O’Neil SouthLand SouthLand Constructors our Mission is to:

  • Build successful commercial construction projects
  • Serve with integrity
  • Focus on achieving our customer’s goals
  • Provide rewarding opportunities for our people and their families
  • Develop lasting relationships



W.E. O’Neil SouthLand  expertly manages budgets and timelines while delivering an exceptional space each and every time. Their attention to detail and effort to build relationships is outstanding

– Seth Dickey, Director of DeNovo, HCA | CareNow Urgent Care










Our Promise To You

A Brand Promise is not a marketing slogan, logo, tag-line or a web site.

A Brand Promise is a strategic differentiator that is the single most important variable in

building value for the client and the entire project team.


 “Empowering Our Clients”

At W.E. O’Neil SouthLand, in addition to providing customer-friendly, high quality services for a great value, we want to protect one of your most prized possessions, your time.

If you engage W.E. O’Neil SouthLand early and allow our team of construction experts access to you and your project, then we promise to empower you by providing project benefits that will protect your time. Building relationships with lasting value is a two-way street. The old way of thinking is for the client to keep construction companies at arm’s length and limit the exchange of information when selecting them for a project. We think this is a flawed process that creates problems for clients and the entire project team.

Efficiency, excellent and timely communication, quality assurance, cutting-edge technology, insightful and proactive performance, and a focus on customer satisfaction are just a few of the ways that we deliver our promise to empower our clients. 

At W.E. O’Neil SouthLand our Brand Promise is Empowering Our Clients.



“W.E. O’Neil SouthLand held our hands through the construction of the new Welch College campus in Gallatin. It was an involved process – going from a piece of farmland to a complete college campus. SouthLand had the expertise and professionalism to get the job done. More than that, they were able to relate the process to those of us without much experience in construction. We’re so appreciative of what this fine company has done for Welch College.”

– Dr. Matthew Pinson, President of Welch College


Our Vision

Having vision in the commercial construction industry is critical for planning and developing the organization. Our Vision Statement is the desired future position of the organization and outlines where we are heading and what we want to become. It is a long-term view. Our Vision Statement is the direction setter for the Strategic Plan.

It serves as the big “WHY” for getting up in the morning and slugging away. It is the heart of our organization.

It is a source of inspiration. Our people are excited and want to be a part of it.


5-Year Vision

Our vision is to create meaningful separation from our competition by providing diverse services that empower our clients and simplify their business.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Focused and Proactive Leadership
  • Inspired/Passionate Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Developing our current core services
  • Launching new businesses and services





“It was a fantastic process! As impressed as we are, the bank is even 10 times more impressed! The project was ahead of schedule and under budget.”

– Tom Fox, Executive Pastor | South Haven Baptist Church


Long Term Goal

At W.E. O’Neil SouthLand, our Long Term Goal is a strategic business statement which was created to focus our organization on our long-term strategy. It aligns with our Vision and our Brand Promise.

It encompasses what we are passionate about, what we can be the best at, and what drives our economics.

Long Term Goal

To be the most sought-after Commercial Construction firm in the state of Tennessee.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Living our Core Values
  • Providing for the communities where we do business
  • Retaining and attracting top construction professionals
  • Be the experts in our deliberate market segments
  • Empowering all of our stakeholders with the highest possible value in the shortest amount of time.




“I have relied on W.E. O’Neil SouthLand for many years on many projects totaling millions of dollars in construction and have always been more than pleased with their performance. Their team is easy to work with, listens well to challenges and finishes their project on time and within budget. I believe one of their great strengths is communication and ensuring the project scope is well understood before initiating construction. I highly recommend them for consideration of any project size and complexity.”

David L. Black, Ph.D., Founder/President, Ebon Falcon, LLC






W.E. O'Neil SouthLand History

Founded in 2005, W.E. O’Neil SouthLand is one of Middle Tennessee’s most trusted construction partners. The words just doing what you say you’re going to do have infiltrated W.E. O’Neil SouthLand and have become an important standard with every person who joins our team. From the beginning, W.E. O’Neil SouthLand has had tremendous teams who still share the commitment to build quality projects, with integrity, while focusing on customer satisfaction, at a competitive price.


“…just doing what you say you’re going to do…”


Originally established as SouthLand Constructors, LLC, early projects included both ground-up and tenant improvement construction all over Middle Tennessee. Over the next several years, while the national construction market shrunk due to a recession, W.E. O’Neil SouthLand grew due to competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Although our average project size continued to grow, W.E. O’Neil SouthLand maintained its commitment to the tenant improvement market. This flexible approach has allowed SouthLand to serve customers on individual projects as small as $5,000 to as large as $56,000,000. Our dual perspective offers us the ability to meet the unique demands of each project type and provide unparalleled convenience for our clients.


“…grew due to competitive pricing and excellent customer service.”



In September of 2014, O’Neil Industries/W.E. O’Neil Construction Company, a highly respected, top 150 nationwide firm, founded in 1925, and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, obtained a majority interest of the company while the local Leadership Team maintains financial stake in ownership. Although our name was officially changed to W.E. O’Neil SouthLand and the ownership structure changed legally, little has changed with the practical day-to-day leadership. Decision-making for SouthLand is still done from Nashville by its Leadership team. Being a member of the W.E. O’Neil Family of Companies allows W.E. O’Neil SouthLand the privilege of having unlimited bonding capacity, positions us for healthy growth, provides new and exciting opportunities for our employees, and allows us to draw from a tremendous wealth of experience and expertise.

 W.E. O’Neil SouthLand offers critical expertise to clients seeking to build commercial office, healthcare, educational, multi-family residential, retail, faith-based, hospitality, municipal, and light industrial projects. Our depth of experience and our flexibility mean we can deliver projects of virtually any scope, type, and size.


“…unlimited bonding capacity…healthy growth…new and exciting opportunities…wealth of experience and expertise…”

We have the experience, expertise, reputation, and relationships needed to provide a successful full-service experience for your important project. We work hard to understand your goals and then help you to achieve them. Our desire is to Empower our Clients to do the things you need to do the most, while we serve your building needs.

Our humble beginnings, customer focus, unwavering history, amazing people, core values, commitment to organizational excellence, and desire to Empower our Clients are the driving forces that allow us to reach our goals of building relationships and being the most sought-after Commercial Construction firm in the state of Tennessee.

We look forward to going to work for you.







Leadership Team







At W.E. O’Neil SouthLand, the primary responsibility of the leadership team is to plan for the future development of the company in a way that exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders, both internal and external. We are on our way to accomplishing this through our strategic planning process. That process is designed to differentiate us from the competition and diversify the company while enabling a culture through a strong set of core values that attracts and retains the right people.

Gregory D. Ray

Regional Manager

Greg Ray is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Capital University with a Master of Business Administration. Greg began his post-graduate career in the architectural design industry as a registered project architect before turning his attention to the construction industry where he has served as a construction Project Manager, Project Executive, Vice President and Executive Vice President before being appointed the position of Regional Manager for W.E. O’Neil SouthLand.

In alignment with W.E. O’Neil SouthLand’s core values and mission, Greg provides leadership of the organization with those same values serving as guiding principles. Greg is committed to client satisfaction and works with other members of W.E. O’Neil SouthLand’s leadership team in developing strategies to meet or exceed client expectations in every aspect of project performance during the project life cycle.

Throughout his career, Greg has worked across the nation as the executive-in-charge on a multitude of projects totaling well over a billion dollars of revenue. These projects have given him deep and diverse market experience.

Greg has been instrumental in the development and growth of construction organizations at both the headquarters and regional market levels. Developing effective standard operating procedures and key performance indicators, he has provided leadership on a multitude of corporate programs involving innovative safety, quality, production, and company policies that align with growth strategies and corporate core values. Greg strives to ensure that all projects and construction teams reach their highest potential by providing strong leadership and support.

Greg has been a member of the American Institute of Architects for over 25 years and has served on various Builders Exchange committees. As a volunteer, he enjoys devoting time to helping at-risk young readers as a tutor in disadvantaged elementary schools in need of mentor figures to assist in developing learning skills.? He has also been involved in numerous volunteer and fundraising programs for the Ronald McDonald House charities.

Away from the office, Greg enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife Megan and two sons Brooks and Davis and his two daughters Olivia and Nina. Whenever time allows, he tries to work on a healthy lifestyle of distance running and spending time at the gym as well as an occasional round of golf and other outdoor activities of any sort.

Why W.E. O’Neil SouthLand?

The core values, mission and brand promise are what initially attracted me to W.E. O’Neil SouthLand and differentiates the organization from the competition.? It’s a great team and a positive organization with a family atmosphere and I’m excited to be a part of it.



Eric McKinney

Vice President, Operations

Eric joined the W.E. O’Neil SouthLand team in 2011. Eric began his career in 1994 as a laborer and now serves as leader for all construction operations at SouthLand. He enjoys bringing teams together, nurturing relationships, creative problem solving, and driving people to achieve their goals. Eric earned a B.S. in Construction Technology from Eastern Kentucky University with a Business Minor. Eric has been a LEED Accredited Professional since 2003 and former Chair of the USGBC Middle Tennessee Chapter.

At home, Eric keeps busy with his high-spirited daughters; Layla and Piper. For recreation Eric enjoys all forms of fellowship, sport, and the great outdoors.

Why W.E. O’Neil SouthLand?

“It’s exciting to be a part of a dynamic, growing company where my ideas and my work really matter. Knowing that everything I do has a real impact on our clients, our company and our community is a great motivating factor for me.”




Andrew Moore

Vice President, Preconstruction and Estimating

Andrew has been in the commercial construction industry since graduating from Clemson University in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. He worked in Florida and Georgia on numerous projects before relocating to Nashville in 2005. Since then, he has worked on projects of all types and sizes ranging from $50,000 up to $50M. Andrew believes very strongly in a collaborative approach to construction and enjoys being engaged with the design team early on. His vision for seeing the crux of projects early helps mitigate challenging circumstances and gives the team the best chances for success.

Away from the office Andrew is hard at work on his hobby farm, and enjoys traveling internationally, hiking, climbing, skiing, or just a round of golf.

Why W.E. O’Neil SouthLand?

” W.E. O’Neil SouthLand offers a great family work environment and is committed to excellence and shows it every day. W.E. O’Neil SouthLand is a place where I can be successful and look forward to expanding my career.”




“I have worked with W.E. O’Neil SouthLand for over a decade and have built extremely strong relationships with their team. They are more than just excellent construction professionals and intuitive and proactive team members, they’re people that I enjoy being around and love working with. They are definitely one of my go-to’ companies whenever I have a client that’s seeking a construction partner.”

-Paul Bass, Consortium, LLC (formerly b3studio, inc.)




Why W.E. O'Neil SouthLand


We are often asked the question, “Why W.E. O’Neil SouthLand?”. It’s an honest question that clients ask in order to discover what truly separates us, in a good way, from our competition. The answer to that question is not simply one thing, but several.

Our promise to you, which some organizations describe as a brand promise, is the single most important factor that sets us apart in our industry. At W.E. O’Neil SouthLand, our brand promise is empowering our clients. If you engage W.E. O’Neil SouthLand early and allow our team of construction experts access to you and your project, then we promise to empower you by providing benefits that will ultimately protect one of your most prized possessions…your time. We will do this by working to make the construction process as effortless as possible for you, allowing you to focus your time and energy on what matters most to you and your organization.




But W.E. O’Neil SouthLand goes even further…

We have a desire to build stronger and more significant relationships with our clients and are committed to being what we call “customer-friendly”. We want you to not only enjoy the process of working with W.E. O’Neil SouthLand on this project, we also want you to want to work with us on your next one. It is more than just being easy to work with, we are also advocates for our clients and meet with you to determine specific project goals and expectations for each project we perform. The entire project team uses these goals to focus our efforts on what is most important to you and your project.


And finally…

Providing high-quality services for a great value and within a needed time period are basic necessities for any professional construction firm. We have outstanding people, a desire to continually improve, and an unwavering commitment to our Core Values. In addition, we have experience working with intricate and challenging projects, an unlimited bonding capacity, a track record of providing cost effective pricing to our clients, a history of meeting and beating tough schedules, and expanded corporate resources via W.E. O’Neil. We also work with efficiency, emphasize excellent and timely communication, have tremendous quality assurance and safety processes, use cutting-edge technology, and proactively perform with insight. These qualities and actions have allowed us to earn the reputation, build the relationships, gain the experience, and develop the expertise to be able to provide our services with integrity and excellence.

Please contact us to find out more about how W.E. O’Neil SouthLand can serve and empower you and your organization!





“The soils report for our retail development revealed no adverse conditions, yet some were encountered during construction. The management team at W.E. O’Neil SouthLand orchestrated a collaborative solution with our civil and environmental engineers that kept the project on schedule, and within the allowable budget for such unexpected circumstances. This type of proactive initiative is a classic example of value engineering and demonstrates but one of the many outstanding hallmarks of W.E. O’Neil SouthLand.”

Wes Lamoureux, Lamoureux Properties, Inc.




W. E. O'Neil



W.E. O’Neil History

Since 1925, W.E. O’Neil has been a company that embraces people as its number one asset. W.E. O’Neil SouthLand is proud to be part of this W.E. O’Neil family of construction companies. W.E. O’Neil is both employee and family-owned, and is recognized as an industry leader, bringing an impressive history of customers and projects from Connecticut to California and many points between. The company has moved from labor-only to heavy machinery to state-of-the-art technology, through the Great Depression and, more recently, the Great Recession. Having completed multiple projects exceeding 1,000,000 square feet in size, O’Neil’s focus is on our values which have remained constant for close to a century. Repeat business is the barometer of our success.

From his humble beginnings as an office boy in the early 1900’s at the architectural firm of Daniel H. Burnham, William E. O’Neil, the company’s founder, could not have imagined the world of innovation and technology that has shaped the way business is done today. Clients’ business objectives are exceeded by utilizing what our team at W.E. O’Neil has learned over time and by applying new technologies and modern construction techniques. All the way through this process of innovation and automation, one thing has remained constant throughout a century of change: the relationship between the client and contractor that is still based on the traditional family values instilled by William E. O’Neil.

Voices from the Past

Art O’Neil formally joined the company in 1935, eleven years after his father had founded it in Chicago. He always carried with him a strong sense of commitment to serving his employees, his customers, and his community. As Art helped the company grow, his vision was of an organization of dedicated men and women working together as a team. Those who knew him saw him practice this belief both professionally and socially. On July 16, 1999 at the age of 86, Art O’Neil passed away at home in Chicago.

Today, the O’Neil family continues to successfully serve and lead the company. W.E. O’Neil is currently located in Chicago, Los Angeles, Tucson, Phoenix, Denver, San Diego, and Nashville.

Visit the W.E. O’Neil website.

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